Monday, August 26, 2013

Socket Head Screws - Socket Head Cap Screws, Flat Head Socket Cap Screws, Socket Shoulder Bolts and Socket Set Screws

Socket Head Screws have advantages over regular hex head bolts.  They are easier to install using a hex key a/k/a Allen wrench therefore not needing the standard wrenches and sockets needed for regular hex head bolts.  They are also stronger alloy with higher tensile, yield, and shear strength.  They can also be used when there are clearance issues.

Socket Head Cap Screws are the most commonly sold socket head screw sold at Crouch Sales.  They are also known as socket caps, socket cap screws, allen screws.

 Flat Head Socket Cap Screws are used in applications where the head of the screw needs to be flush or countersunk to the surface.
Socket Shoulder Bolts are also known as Stripper bolts are are commonly used almost like a part.

Socket Set Screws are commonly used to fasten parts to a collar or shaft.
Socket Set Screws

Socket Head Screws are installed using a Hex Key also known as a Allen Wrench like the one below:
Hex Key Set