Friday, October 24, 2014

Self Drilling Screws also known as TEK Screws at Crouch Sales

Self drilling screws are also known as Tek Screws. Self drilling Tek Screws are similar to sheet metal screws but with a drill bit type self tapping pointed tip at the end of the screws that can self drill a pilot hole.
Self drilling Tek Screws in Zinc Plated (ZP) are available in different head types, drives, and self drilling points such as Phillips Flat Head, Hex Head, Hex Head Teks with a Bonded Sealing Washer, Phillips Round Washer Head (Modified Truss), Phillips Oval Head, Phillips Pan Head, Phillips Wafer Head, Phillips Flat Head Plymetal Reamer, and Hex Head TEK 5 screws.  The most popular type of self drilling tek screws sold at +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. are the hex head and pan head teks but the other types are popular as well.

Self drilling Tek Screws are also available in Stainless Steel.
Stainless Steel Tek Screws are available in Hex Head, Hex Head with Bonded Sealing Washer, Phillips Pan Head and Phillips drive Flat Head.

All of these self drilling tek screws are available "on site" in the +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. warehouse and can be purchased on the Counter in our store as a "walk in", placed in "Will Call" for pick up, or buying Online.  For further information Request a Quote or view our Ordering Options.  We ship anywhere Nationwide in the United States. Google

Machine Screws at Crouch Sales

Machine Screws are sometimes referred to as "Stove Bolts" and have a machine threads.  Machine Screws are commonly used with a Nut with matching threads or sometimes used in a pre-tapped hole with the same matching threads.  Machine Screws have straight shank and are threaded along the entire length of the shaft (to the head) and designed to bind metal to metal but sometimes used in other applications. 
Machine Screws are available in a variety of head types which is determined by how the screw is being used.  The most common head types available for machine screws are Pan Head, Flat Head (countersunk), Hex Washer Head, Oval Head, Truss Head, and Round Head all of which can be found in Phillips drive and Slotted drive.  Tamperproof machine screws (usually in stainless steel) are also available and can only be removed by a special tool.  Machine screws come in a variety of different alloys such as Zinc Plated (most common), Stainless Steel, and other alloys such as Brass.  Most of these wide varieties of machine screws are available at +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. and can be purchased as a "walk-in" customer, online at the e-commerce storefront, be placed in "will call" for in store pick-up, or shipped to the customer.  More information on how to buy machine screws at +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. can be found by a review of the Ordering Options or by Requesting an online Quote.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mechanical Anchors at Crouch Sales

Mechanical Anchors are available in many types and are used for light, medium, and heavy duty applications.  For example:  Wedge Anchors are a non-bottom bearing threaded stud wedge-style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled masonry.  Drop-In Anchors are concrete expansion anchors with an internally threaded heavy duty machine thread usually used in concrete construction applications (set with a setting tool).  Sleeve Anchors (Flat Head - Countersunk or Hex Nut) are split expansion sleeve over a threaded stud bolt with nuts and washers.  Masonry and Concrete Screw Anchors are designed for mostly light to medium duty applications in concrete, block, and brick and require a pilot hole.  Nailin® Drive Pin Anchors can be used in concrete, block, brick or stone but not recommended in overhead applications.
In addition to the above, +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. sells many other types of Mechanical Anchors in our Store/Warehouse, by Requesting A Quote online and other Ordering Options.  We also carry Expansion Machine Bolt Anchors (Single and Double), Expansion Screw Anchors, E-Z Ancor Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors, Hollow Wall Drive Anchors, Hollow Wall Sleeve Anchors, Lag Screw Expansion Shield Anchors (Long and Short), Plastic Plug Anchors, Poly-Toggle Hollow Wall Screw Anchors, Spike Anchors, Toggle Bolts with Wings, TOGGLER® Alligator All-Purpose Wall Anchors and Snaptoggle Heavy Duty Toggle Bolts.  Many of the above anchors are also available in Stainless Steel.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hex Bolts and Hex Cap Screws of All Kinds at Crouch Sales

Hex Bolts and/or Hex Cap Screws are not all alike depending on the alloy, thread pitch, strength, diameter, and length.  At +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. we have customers that either bring a sample into our Store or Request a Quote online describing the type of Hex Bolt or Hex Cap Screw they are needing.  It is important to understand that a Hex Cap Screw (commonly referred to as a Hex Bolt) are sometimes not fully threaded in longer sizes.
At +Crouch Sales Company, Inc. you can find the Hex Bolts or Hex Cap Screws you need.  We have Grade 8 yellow zinc plated, Grade 5 zinc plated, and Stainless Steel bolts in both course and fine thread.  We also carry bolts in HDG Hot Dipped Galvanized, Grade 2 bolts zinc plated, A325 Heavy Structural Bolts, Brass and Nylon and these bolts are course thread.   Most all of the above can be found on our Web Site to buy online or by Requesting a Quote from us

Our Experienced Sales Staff is on site on weekdays at our Building/Warehouse at ready to provide you "hands on" service with all of your Ordering Options